Adam Sandler Leaves the Door Open for a 'Happy Gilmore' Sequel

"It has not been discussed, but it certainly has been discussed on the internet"

BY Calum SlingerlandPublished Feb 25, 2021

Adam Sandler recently celebrated 25 years of Happy Gilmore alongside a few of his co-stars, and while a forthcoming project is centred on a different sport, the Sandman wouldn't rule out hitting the links someday for a potential sequel.

Yesterday (February 24), Sandler appeared on The Dan Patrick Show to reflect on Happy Gilmore's milestone anniversary alongside Christopher McDonald, who played Sandler's onscreen rival Shooter McGavin.

Asked by Patrick whether or not a "Happy Gilmore 2" had been discussed, Sandler shared that "it has not been discussed, but it certainly has been discussed on the internet," sharing that he had seen a potential premise of an older Happy and Shooter teeing off against one another on a "senior tour."

"It would be so amazing," Sandler said before letting Patrick have the honours of greenlighting the proposed film as a gag. McDonald excitedly added that he was "double in," sharing, "It would be a complete blast. The senior tour with us two? Oh my god."

You can see the pair reminisce and trade Happy Gilmore stories with Patrick below, with the all-important sequel question arriving around the 9:30 mark.

Last year, it was reported that Sandler would head to space in a new sci-fi film for Netflix.

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