Zeke Zeke You

Zeke have been ripping it up in a speed-freaking punk rock Motörhead kind of style for over ten years now and this DVD takes you back through some of their finest video moments over that time. All the footage is very low-rent and "shot by a buddy" in quality, but the package promises nothing else, so it's not like they're deceivingly promoting it as lush or overproduced. The main body of the video is split into some live footage from U.S. and European shows, with some interview footage inserted sporadically. The band broke up for a while after their 2002 European tour and the footage of that last show would be really important and essential if they had stayed broken up, but they didn't and it isn't. There really isn't enough behind the scenes stuff and the live footage is always a one stationary camera affair. Another downer is that a lot of the same songs end up in the performance footage, making for redundant viewing. On the positive end, you do see how intense and tight Zeke have always been, but the lack of any insightful, humorous or otherwise interesting footage makes this a DVD for hardcore Zeke fans only. Plus: three videos and a short film of a live performance at Seattle's 1996 "Pain In The Grass" outdoor festival. (Dead Teenager, www.deadteenagerrecords.com)