Zeke True Crime

True Crime is a collection of out-of-print early singles and the also out-of-print Man's Ruin live EP. There are lots of great songs here, and the panicky "Fight In The Storeroom" getting things started in a grand fashion. "Schmidt Valu Pack" is a rocking ode to the always welcome concept of cheap beer, but the true standouts are the amazing "Spoonful of Soul" and "Diluadid." Both of these well-produced songs have the perfect mix of catchiness and heaviness that characterises these guys' best work. The eight songs recorded live in Seattle at the Crocodile Café also kick ass in the traditional short, fast and heavy Zeke tradition. Standouts from this section of the record are "Holly 750," "Mystery Train" and "Chiva Kneivel." This record is obviously a must for any Zeke fan that might have missed these more obscure releases the first time around. With their strangled sounding vocals, the machine-like tightness of their guitars and drums, Zeke have set themselves from the pack through sheer sweat and desperation (Drop Kick)