Zeke Death Alley

Somebody's been practicing their guitar scales. Zeke strike back yet again with their super-aggressive Motörhead/Dwarves-influenced spazz punk, and this time there's an even sharper focus on the metallic "thunder stick" work. The horror/biker-themed lyrics are almost too dopey to comment on, but I will anyway. Just check out the choruses to "Evil Dead," "Evil dead, evil dead, evil dead, evil dead, yeah!" and "Mountain Man," "Mountain man, mountain man, mountain man, mountain man." It's a damn good thing Zeke can play as jackrabbit fast as they can, 'cause they can't write a catchy lyric or hook if their life frickin' depended on it. When all is said and done, it's actually the one slower song, the un-originally titled "Evil Woman," that sticks in the brain the longest and stands out as a real winner. (Aces and Eights)