Zach Zoya Decides to "Start Over" on New Single

It features Benny Adam

BY Alex HudsonPublished Oct 8, 2021

Montreal rapper Zach Zoya recently impressed at his Osheaga Get Together appearance, and now he's continuing his hot streak with a single called "Start Over."

The song highlights Zoya's soulful signing, rather than his rapping, as he croons lovestruck lines amid a bright, grooving beat produced by Billboard, Ruffsound and Benny Adam.

Zoya said in a statement, "The day that 'Start Over' was written was one of my first sessions working with other songwriters. Up to that point, songwriting had been a very solitary experience for me. It was about locking in by myself and painstakingly writing a story line by line. Having Benny, Ruffsound and Billboard all in the room with me, it became a collaborative effort that I found very refreshing — I got to write as the melodies were being built which forced me to innovate and flow in a different way. Making the songwriting process a conversation as opposed to a monologue is so much more fun." 

The single is out through 7ième Ciel/Universal Music Canada. Hear the song below, and also check out an acoustic performance video of the same track.

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