Young Thug So Much Fun

Young Thug So Much Fun
Despite referring to So Much Fun as his debut studio album, Young Thug's contributions to the rap game have already established him as a pioneer in Atlanta's trap sound, breeding a generation of new rappers that strive to replicate Thug's unique dialect and impressive vocal range.
In the past, Thug used publicity stunts, like his choice of outfit on the cover of Jeffery, and his ode to Lil Wayne with mixtape title Barter 6, to garner a buzz around his work and prove that he was rap's avant-garde. Yet, the rollout for So Much Fun was as minimal as could be.
Thug's lack of promotion, as well as the name of the album, gives listeners the right idea into the rapper's vision for this project: just have fun. With nothing left to prove, Thug put together a compilation of catchy and memorable songs that people could have fun to. With 13 different artists featured on the 19-track album, So Much Fun sounds like a personal invitation to a house party with Young Thug and his closest friends.
So Much Fun was executive produced by J. Cole and features 20 producers, including Pi'erre Bourne, DJ Durel and Canadian producer T-Minus. The production on standout tracks like "Just How It Is," "Lil Baby" and "Jumped Out the Window" have the power to turn up any function, while "Cartier Gucci Scarf" provides a perfect example of Thug's vocal range, capable of hitting Louis Armstrong-esque baritone vocals just before his high-pitched crooning.
Although it may not be the best project that Young Thug has released, certain tracks off So Much Fun are guaranteed to become classic party anthems played at max volume for years. (Atlantic Records / 300 Entertainment)