Young Governor "English Tim"

Young Governor 'English Tim'
Toronto-based busy-man Ben Cook is one busy dude. Formerly involved with face-melting hardcore bands No Warning and Violent Minds, Cook is currently the third guitarist in Fucked Up. He also fronts the Buzzcocks-esque Marvelous Darlings, as well as his lo-fi pop project the Bitters. He's even collaborated with the Vivian Girls in the past. Still, under the solo moniker Young Governor, Cook is producing what is arguably his best work.

"English Tim," taken from the just-released seven-inch of the same name, is a perfect example why. Combining the perfect fuzz of his guitars, an infectious bass line, and an addictively repetitive chorus, this is the kind of gritty pop music that demands repeated listens. Though the hazy production and simplicity of the riffs place this track nicely beside garage-punk contemporaries, "English Tim" would have been found on a Pebbles compilation, not a Back From The Grave.

Stream the track at Young Governor's Myspace page here. English Tim is out now via the UK's Static Shock Records, and can be obtained in North America through your local punk distro.