Young Governor "Married Man"

Young Governor 'Married Man'
The ever-prolific Ben Cook has taken a break from jamming with the Jonas Brothers and working on the new Fucked Up album to drop another Young Governor track, this time for the previously reported We Are Busy Bodies singles club.

The track is called "Married Man" and continues Cook's slow, gradual evolution of the Young Guv project from snarky, riff-heavy punk to mid-tempo, angular power pop. With this song, the slow-burning feel does wonders for Cook's melody, fuzzy production and sweetly harmonized chorus.

 On his blog, he explains the background of the track, writing:

This song was taken from an old demo of mine when i was in another band... the idea was scrapped or considered not good enough, but I always felt that the melodies and feel of the song were solid. the original was pretty fast, and was a lot more powerpop. at the time i recorded this song i had a few fuzz pedals kicking around and my friend anthonys jazzmaster was in the corner and since I was listening to a lot of dead moon and fleetwood mac i decided to use a fleetwood mac beat and play it like i thought dead moon might play it. i dont really listen to dead moon anymore. i kinda think it was a phase. i originally had agreed to meet up with simone form 100$ so she could sing back ups on this, but it never happened so i scrapped that idea. i played slide guitar with an empty can at the studio.

the lyrics were inspired by a guy who when hanging around would always hint at something to do with me and my girlfriend being married one day. he seemed completely obsessed with the idea of marriage and security and me being a young man from a divorced family with the opposite views on the subject I couldn't help but take a knock at him in a song... Some of my best friends are married... Respect to them, but I still think its a weird thing to do.

 "Married Man" can be streamed in the SoundCloud player below.

The Married Man by youngguv