Young Band Given New Life On Ozzfest's Main Stage

Young Band Given New Life On Ozzfest's Main Stage
Ozzfest doesn't have the greatest reputation - just ask Josh Homme. But thanks to Sharon Osbourne the nu-metal-heavy touring festival may earn a little bit of credibility thanks to her recent actions.

Miami-based metallers Black Tide were recently asked to replace Circus Diablo on the fest's second stage. What a great opportunity for a band that features a member as young as 14 years old. But therein lies the problem. Soon after the band received the offer, they were dropped off the bill without ever playing - all because the second stage is sponsored by liquor giants Jägermeister, of all companies.

When word of this got to Sharon Osbourne, however, she had to work a little damage control to fan out the flames Black Tide's fans were breathing in disgust all over message boards and the band's MySpace page, which reportedly went from 50 views to over 4,000 in two days.

Now the newly-signed Interscope band will grace the main stage - yes the big show - as openers, beginning tomorrow, Friday, August 10 in Chicago, IL.

Black Tide’s debut album is expected to be released in early 2008.