You Can Finally Own Action Figures of Sleep's 'Dopesmoker' Dudes

BY Josiah HughesPublished Dec 9, 2015

Tapping into what is surely a viable crossover market, stoner metal fans and toy collectors alike will be glad to know that the hooded dudes from the cover of Sleep's iconic Dopesmoker are finally being turned into action figures.

The figure, nicknamed a Weedian, was developed by artist Arik Roper in conjunction with Unbox Industries. As you'll see above and below, they perfectly replicate the little dudes on the cover of Dopesmoker.

As Unbox explains, "Cast in soft vinyl and meticulously hand painted, the Weedian stands approximately 24 cm tall from his foot to the tip of his vape tank. Each figure is packaged in a beautiful gatefold box taken from the cover art."

The Weedian figure will run you $85 USD. It's currently available to pre-order here, and will ship in January of 2016 — some 13 years after Dopesmoker was originally released.

Thanks to Metal Injection for the tip.


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