Yellowcard Finally Dropped Their Lawsuit Against Juice WRLD

The band had sued the late rapper for $15 million over his song "Lucid Dreams"
Yellowcard Finally Dropped Their Lawsuit Against Juice WRLD
Despite Juice WRLD passing away in 2019, pop-punk act Yellowcard revealed they were continuing to take legal action against the late rapper in the weeks following his death. Now, however, the band have at last dropped their lawsuit.

As previously reported, Yellowcard sued Juice WRLD in October 2019 for $15 million USD in damages, claiming the rapper's hit track "Lucid Dreams" copied melodic elements of the group's song "Holly Wood Died" without their permission.

As the New York Times now reports, Yellowcard filed court papers today to drop the case. According to a one-page filing by the band's lawyer Richard Busch — the same lawyer who famously won the "Blurred Lines" lawsuit for the estate of Marvin Gaye — the suit was voluntarily withdrawn.

Speaking to NYT, a lawyer for Juice WRLD and his estate, Christine Lepera, said there was no settlement in the case, and there would be not changes to "Lucid Dreams."

In a statement, Busch said, "My clients are very sympathetic not only of Juice WRLD's death, but also needed time to decide whether they really wanted to pursue the case against his grieving mother as the personal representative of his estate."

The dismissal of the case, however, was made without prejudice. This means, it could be technically refiled at a later date.

The news comes in the wake of the recently released Juice WRLD album Legends Never Die.

In December 2019, Juice WRLD died of an accidental drug overdose at the age of 21.