WILLOW and Avril Lavigne Survive and Thrive on "G R O W"

Wellbeing, but make it punk

BY Megan LaPierrePublished Oct 19, 2021

The iconic duo of pop-punk kindred spirits that is WILLOW and Avril Lavigne (er, Melissa?) have joined forces in a new Dana Trippe-directed music video for "G R O W" — their collaboration alongside Travis Barker from WILLOW's LP lately I feel EVERYTHING.

In an act of self-awareness, the pair acknowledge the need for personal growth atop a rollicking drum fill. It's an upbeat transmission assuring listeners that they're not alone: "You'll find that you're your own best friend / And no that ain't a fucking metaphor." Cue the triumphant post-chorus "whoa-ohs," right? 

The clip sees Lavigne and WILLOW rocking out in front of a Dodge Grand Caravan and — somewhat more glamorously — in front of a city skyline as they sing about putting the work in and feeling themselves for it. Decked out in hallmarks of punk (read: studded leather and plaid), they play electric guitars for the full-blown effect and make the city their stomping ground.

Watch the video for "G R O W" below.

WILLOW is currently on tour, and will be supporting Billie Eilish at shows in Toronto and Montreal early next year. Barker just got engaged to Kourtney Kardashian, while Lavigne launched her TikTok with Tony Hawk over the summer.

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