Wiley "Chasing the Art" (video)

Wiley 'Chasing the Art' (video)
Last year, Wiley finally returned with his long-awaited Snakes & Ladders LP. He's already back with a follow-up, too, sharing a new song and video called "Chasing the Art."

Speaking with FADER, who premiered the song's video, Wiley explained that it was inspired by comedian Kevin Hart. "I watched a Kevin Hart interview, then I made the song," he said. "He basically said, when you pop off, you can go and chase all the industry money, and then you get to a certain age, you start chasing the art."

There's plenty of art and chasing in the video, which sees Wiley check out some local graffiti and spray paint a stencil of himself when he's not zooming around on a bicycle.

Watch the video for "Chasing the Art" below. The song will be released as a single on May 25.