We Are the City Detail New Album 'RIP,' Share "Killer B-Side Music"

BY Brock ThiessenPublished Nov 15, 2019

After much teasing, We Are the City have finally pulled back the curtain on their new album RIP, as well as given us yet another teaser track.

RIP — the BC band's fifth full-length — will arrive on January 24 via Light Organ Records in Canada while Tooth and Nail will release the record in the U.S. and Sinnbus in Europe.

Up above, you can see the newly revealed album art, while the tracklist can be found below. RIP follows We Are the City's 2018 album At Night.

Alongside the album announcement, We Are the City have shared the new album track "Killer B-Side Music," which you'll find at the bottom of the page.

In a statement, We Are the City said the following of the newly shared song:

We've spent a lot of time talking about how a band our size can sustain an uncompromising creative goal in the face of late capitalism. We're still learning, and what a joy it is to be able to continue to learn. To a select few, we're their favourite band. And those select few have afforded us the joy to be able to continue to learn. We're proud to make killer b-side music.

In regards to RIP as a whole, the band spent roughly three years crafting the album, described as "an emotive prog-pop opus that is filled with anthems and intimate examinations of mortality."

The album was mixed by Matty Green (the Weeknd, Frank Ocean) and Steve Bays (Hot Hot Heat, Mounties).

RIP's thematic focus was also inspired by the passing of the band's childhood friend Kyle Tubbs, who unexpectedly passed away during the album sessions.

"The band aired their souls while collaboratively writing lyrics," a press release explains. "Kyle was a brilliant and undiscovered musical talent who was a close collaborator during We Are the City's early years — whenever writing music, the guys would ask themselves, 'What would Kyle do?'"

The newly shared "Killer B-Side Music" follows the previously delivered album track "Song in My Head."


1. Killer B-Side Music
2. Song In My Head
3. Night Guest
4. Obviously
5. You're So Clean
6. You Can't Blame Me, But You Can Blame Yourself
7. God&Man
8. Saint Peter
9. Me + Me
10. Children's Hospital Ambience
11. I'm Not Yours Anymore
12. RIP

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