Light Organ Records Releases Covers Compilation with Mounties, the Zolas, Louise Burns

'Push Button Radio' features versions of Canadian AM radio songs

BY Alex HudsonPublished Dec 13, 2021

Vancouver indie label Light Organ Records has gathered its roster, including artists like the Zolas and Mounties, for a tribute to Canadian AM pop of the '70s. Push Button Radio is streaming now, with vinyl to follow in the new year.

The covers comp is stacked with Light Organ's stable of artists, including Louise Burns, Fake Shake, Hotel Mira, the Shilohs and the Fugitives. Intriguingly, there are contributions from projects that haven't been particularly active lately, like White Ash Falls, Fine Times and James Younger.

There are 14 covers in all, each of them a Canadian AM radio hit from the '70s. This includes Bruce Cockburn's "Wondering Where the Lions Are" (performed by Mounties), "Sweet City Woman" by the Stampeders (performed by the Matinee) and "Where Evil Grows" by the Poppy Family. 

Push Button Radio has an accompanying podcast, featuring unscripted conversations between Bruce Cockburn and Hawksley Workman, the Matinee and Kim Berly of the Stampeders, and more. Listen to the Push Button Radio Podcast here.

Stream the album below. The vinyl will be out on January 7 through Light Organ.

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