​Watch Noel Gallagher Eat Spicy Chicken Wings and Cry on 'Hot Ones'

He also talks getting sued by Coca-Cola, admiring Kanye West and meeting Hulk Hogan
​Watch Noel Gallagher Eat Spicy Chicken Wings and Cry on 'Hot Ones'
Noel Gallagher is the latest celebrity to subject himself to downing increasingly spicy chicken wings on Hot Ones, and the segment is exactly as entertaining as you'd imagine.
There's plenty of swearing, in addition to reminiscing about his rock'n'roll lifestyle — from the songwriting to making too much money too quickly when Oasis first hit it big.
He also clears up rumours about getting sued by Coca-Cola (true), turning down the Trainspotting soundtrack because he thought it was a movie about watching trains (true) and buying a £110,000 Jaguar convertible that he's never driven (also true).
Naturally, the conversation devolves (and Gallagher gets more agitated) as the wings get spicier.
"I'm getting a fucking suntan just by eating it," he even says at one point. From there, he gets pretty teary eyed — but as far as we can tell, it's from the wings and not from the conversation about the time he met Hulk Hogan.
Through the tears, he still manages to tout himself as the greatest songwriter of all time and declare his own Who Built the Moon? the greatest musical masterpiece of the last 20 years.
Watch the hilarious segment below.
Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds' latest EP This Is the Place is out now.