Listen to Noel Gallagher's Boneless Cover of "Love Will Tear Us Apart"

Mards will tear us apart, again

BY Sydney BrasilPublished Jun 1, 2023

With all of the marding Noel Gallagher is doing lately, it's been easy to forget that he and his High Flying Birds are releasing a new record tomorrow (June 2). So, what better way to turn the attention back to his music than by releasing a painstakingly mediocre cover of an iconic song?

As Gallagher put it, "You can't get out the BBC without doing a cover," so because he's all "Bob Dylan-ed out," he decided the next best option was Joy Division's "Love Will Tear Us Apart."

The angry squirt apparently knew that this would be a tough song to get right, but decided to go with it anyway. Speaking with the BBC Radio 2 Piano Room, he said, "When they asked me to do it, I was like 'How can I get away with that?' Because it's such an iconic [song] and, being from Manchester… well, this is going to be tricky. But now I've got my own studio, I went and did a little demo of it and I was like 'You know what? I think I might be able to pull this off.'"

He, in fact, did not pull it off. His take on the 1980 classic sounds like a rendition you'd hear from your local cover band in a sticky bar. Sure, it could definitely be more offensive, but Joy Division isn't the type of artist you want to strive for mediocrity with while covering. Listen to it below.

As long as Oasis aren't reuniting any time soon, this is the best we're going to get — unless Council Skies shocks us all tomorrow. Instead, we think Gallagher should try his hand at a cover of his favourite fuckwits the 1975, if only to offend Matty Healy even more.

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