​Watch Millie Bobby Brown from 'Stranger Things' Star in Sigma's "Find Me" Video

​Watch Millie Bobby Brown from 'Stranger Things' Star in Sigma's 'Find Me' Video
Millie Bobby Brown is best known for her kick-ass performance as Eleven in Stranger Things, though the young actress has proved that she's also got potential as a Nicki Minaj impersonator if her character goes the way of Barb. Now, she's showing off her acting chops in a music video by British electronic two-piece Sigma.
Their track "Find Me" features vocals from fellow UK artist Birdy, but it's Brown who delivers the words into the camera, as she makes her way through neon-lit city streets.
The video was directed by Christopher Sims, who recently delivered the clip for Usher's "Crash."
"Find Me" marks Sigma's first new single since releasing their debut full-length Life in 2015. Watch the video below.