Watch 'Life Aquatic' Meet 'Schitt's Creek' in Gord Downie's New Video

The clip comes for his 'Away Is Mine' song "River Don't Care"
Watch 'Life Aquatic' Meet 'Schitt's Creek' in Gord Downie's New Video
Gord Downie's Away Is Mine is now among us. And to help shine a light on the late Tragically Hip hero's final collection of solo songs, one of them has been treated to its own music video.

The clip comes for the album's "River Don't Care" — a song described as "a centrepiece of the album that pits the iconic writer against the impermanence of his words, through which he confronts that the river of time 'don't care' what any of us 'write for it' or 'cast into it.'"

The video was made by Toronto-based artist Alex Macleod, who's crafted a charmingly animated clip. As a press release puts it, the video "features exotic fauna and coral life overgrowing a Life-Aquatic-meets-Schitt's-Creek stylized hotel room."

Watch the video for "River Don't Care" below.

Away Is Mine is out now through Arts & Crafts.

As previously reported, another unreleased Downie solo album is said to be in the works recorded before work began on Away Is Mine.

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