Another New Gord Downie Album Will Follow 'Away Is Mine'

The Tragically Hip frontman recorded with longtime friends in the Dinner Is Ruined before his passing
Another New Gord Downie Album Will Follow 'Away Is Mine'
Photo: Kim Jay
Gord Downie's final collection of solo songs will arrive as Away Is Mine come the end of the week, but it isn't the last listeners will hear from the late Tragically Hip frontman.

Apparently, a month before Downie and Skydiggers' Josh Finlayson recorded Away Is Mine in 2017, the Hip vocalist had hit the studio for another effort recorded with members of Toronto outfit the Dinner Is Ruined, the Globe and Mail reports.

While the album and a release date have yet to be announced, Downie's relationship with the Dinner Is Ruined is a near constant across his solo career.

That band's Dale Morningstar, Dave Clark and Dr. Johnny Pee have contributed to Downie solo releases including Coke Machine GlowBattle of the Nudes and The Grand Bounce, along with former member Don Kerr.

Away Is Mine arrives Friday (October 16) through Arts & Crafts, and has been previewed with singles "Hotel Worth" and "About Blank." Earlier this year, it was reported that the Hip were preparing to open the vault for some planned archival projects.

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