Watch Deepfake Tom Cruise Serenade Paris Hilton with "Tiny Dancer"

You can't hold a deepfake closer, we're afraid

BY Sydney BrasilPublished Oct 21, 2022

What is with disturbingly realistic Tom Cruise deepfakes? Regardless of why he's so susceptible to AI impersonation, what's almost more confusing is Paris Hilton jumping in on the trend on TikTok.

While Paris Hilton making a deepfake Cruise sing Elton John's "Tiny Dancer" may sound like a sentence generated by spinning a probability wheel, this is the reality we're living in. In the clip, Hilton is standing next to a robe-wearing fake Cruise and asks: "Tom, can you sing me that song again?" The man posing as the actor then asks, "Which one?" to which Hilton replies, "You know which one."

The deepfake then breaks out into the chorus of "Tiny Dancer," while Hilton puts on some heart-shaped sunglasses, picks up her dog and gives the pup some glasses too. "It's good but not great. You should stick to acting," she tells fake Cruise after he finishes, with him solemnly replying, "Yeah, I probably should."

If we're to take Hilton's word, fake Cruise isn't actually singing "Tiny Dancer," but the contemporized "Hold Me Closer" with Britney Spears, as the TikTok's caption reads: "Nothing like being serenaded with my favourite [Britney Spears] and [Elton John] song."

Considering Spears got dragged by Iranian State Media earlier this week, perhaps we've been transported to a weirder, AI-controlled timeline.

Watch the TikTok below.
@parishilton Nothing like being serenaded with my favorite @Britney Spears and @Elton John song 😹 #ThatsHot #ButCouldBeHotter @Tom ♬ Hold Me Closer - Elton John & Britney Spears

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