'Mission: Impossible — Dead Reckoning' Scared Joe Biden into Imposing New AI Regulations

The film's main villain is a rogue AI

BY Ben OkazawaPublished Nov 1, 2023

As the world inches ever closer to destruction via robot apocalypse, US President Joe Biden has imposed new regulations in a bid to slow the slippery slope that is AI development — and, somehow, we've got Tom Cruise to thank. 

The White House's Deputy Chief of Staff, Bruce Reed, told the Associated Press this week that watching Mission: Impossible — Dead Reckoning helped scare Biden into implementing the executive order, which essentially forces companies working on AI to report to the government. 

"If he hadn't already been concerned about what could go wrong with AI before that movie, he saw plenty more to worry about," Reed revealed. 

The film centres around Cruise's seemingly immortal Ethan Hunt fighting an AI gone rogue in what might be a metaphor for Cruise's own battle with Father Time as he continues to insist on doing his own stunts past the age of 60. 

Despite Biden getting somewhat scared straight by the film's portrayal of AI, it's been a prevalent issue for some time in the Oval Office.

"He saw fake AI images of himself, of his dog. He saw how it can make bad poetry," Reed continued of Biden. "And he's seen and heard the incredible and terrifying technology of voice cloning, which can take three seconds of your voice and turn it into an entire fake conversation."

Read Biden's entire executive order at the White House's official website.

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