Watch Beatrice Deer Awaken Her Inner Peace in the "Isumavunga" Video

Watch Beatrice Deer Awaken Her Inner Peace in the 'Isumavunga' Video
Beatrice Deer recently won the Canadian Folk Music Awards' Pushing the Boundaries award and Best Folk Album at the Indigenous Music Awards for her soulful fourth full-length album, My All to You. The Montreal-based songwriter, originally from Quaqtaq, is now releasing a video for her introspective song "Isumavunga" off of the record.

The video, directed by Michael Felber and Deer herself, was filmed in her hometown and features some incredible views of one of Quebec's most northernmost towns.

In a statement, Deer explains the meaning behind the song and why it's so important to her:

The song is about wondering what peace and self-respect feel like, because at a point in life, those two things were a foreign concept to me. The song talks about the senses awakening as I finally let go. So, the video is depicting someone who's numb to her surrounding, the cold and the dump.

Check out the musician's upcoming tour dates and watch the video for her song below.

Tour dates:

06/21 Toronto, ON – Indigenous Arts Festival
07/22 Montreal, QC – Place d'Armes, Zone Musique
07/25 Montreal, QC – Place Royale