Unquintessence Ruined

Unquintessence are the latest band from Quebec poised to blow a few extreme, speed-addled minds with their hyper-assault of grinding, manic death metal. Kataklysm's Temple Of Knowledge immediately comes to mind as a reference point, with the disturbing multi-faceted vocal attack and speedy drumming. There are some haunting melodies hidden somewhere beneath the chaos and incomprehensible noise (these are all compliments) that add an interesting layer to this band's utterly depraved onslaught as well. This one's just a cold, unnerving and aggravating headache (again, good things) of a release - a grinding death, dead grind, hyperactive Ritalin-core, purely extreme labyrinthine disturbance. Thank the deity of your choice that this is a mere five songs. Check out galyrecords.com for more info on this cool up-and-coming label. (Galy)