Unearth The March

For a band with so much technical prowess, ability and energy, III: In The Eyes Of Fire was a serious lull in Unearth’s oeuvre, although living up to or even attempting to surpass the maliciously heavy The Oncoming Storm was never that likely to occur. The March is the second coming of this Massachusetts five-some, returning to their high intensity metal hardcore onslaught and endless supply of frantic guitar work. This album starts with something to prove with "My Will Be Done,” as guitarists Ken Susi and Buzz McGrath tempt you with duel hammer-on solos and the comforting hardcore rhythm that Unearth have used to help create their signature sound. If it’s at all possible that the guitarists of this band have gotten even better you can find proof on "We Are Not Anonymous,” which hammers out the greatest intro this band have ever had through a rollercoaster frenzy of shredding, and is overall one of the defining songs of this album. The March is proof that this genre still has life left to give, reinforcing their rep as one of the greatest metalcore acts of the genre’s lifetime and proving that taking one step back — Adam Dutkiewicz’s return — works if you’re ready to take two forward. (Metal Blade)