Underoath Lost In The Sound Of Separation

Over the years, Underoath have tried new things, progressing and maturing musically into the colossal force they are. Initially The Changing Of Times established the band’s sound as hardcore with touches of classic arena rock. Next, they began to mature and move into a different area with They’re Only Chasing Safety, where the band introduced melody and pop influences that indicated some uncertainty in their musical perspective. Define The Great Line was the band showcasing their ability to combine their strengths as a cacophonous hardcore unit with the ability to shift into harmonious, staggering melody. Lost In The Sound Of Separation is the continuation of Define The Great Line. Underoath have defined their sound and are sticking with it. "Anyone Can Dig A Hole But It Takes A Real Man To Call It Home” could easily have been from their previous effort, in terms of sound and scope, as it offers a range of vocals, clean, melodic transitions and seismic-shaking heaviness. Lost In The Sound is a paradoxical title, as this band have never been more focused in their cause and are likely referring to past attempts to find themselves. Not only will their faithful be singing praises for this record but it should reinforce why they got nominated for a Grammy. (Tooth and Nail)