Trentemøller "Gravity" (video)

Trentemøller 'Gravity' (video)
Danish electronic master Anders Trentemøller takes himself out of the driver's seat in the new video for his Lost's "Gravity," choosing instead to put the focus on a man learning about life via the carpool lane.

Actor Oscar Isaac (Inside Llewyn Davis) is the highway rider in question, grinding out a living as a seat-filler in a carpool scam. Throughout his adventures, he meets a series of oddballs, from protein shake-pounding musclemen, to high-strung business types, to a multi-tasking muncher with hands on a burger instead of the steering wheel.

While he witnesses some nervous breakdowns, high points in his day include smoking up with a relaxed truck driver, getting to man the wheel while a lady gets changed for work, and forging a serious bond with one of his clients.

This is all accompanied by Trentemøller's "Gravity," which serves to support the life-lesson with its steady pace and unobtrusive vocals. You can check out the video down below.