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BY Erin LowersPublished Jan 7, 2020

In a world that puts aside supergroups (or groups in general) for label collectives, Travis Scott's JACKBOYS serves as an introduction to his Cactus Jack signees: Don Toliver, Luxury Tax 50 and Sheck Wes, who is also signed to GOOD Music. The sampler EP JACKBOYS sets itself up for a high energy product, divided into seven songs, often being led by Scott himself.
Opening the EP is a remix single of Scott's "Highest in the Room," initially released in October. It features both breakout artist Lil Baby, as well as Spanish singer Rosalía, whose year was flooded with accolades. Unfortunately, the accolades miss this single, as Rosalía's contributions feel awkward and forced between the two rappers. The original reappears near the end of the album, but not without weaving in and out of singles that aren't bad, but get by.
Canadian producer WondaGurl, who is the sound behind Scott singles "Antidote" and "No Bystanders," appears on the album via the 50-second interlude "JACKBOYS" and streamlines into the posse cut "Gang Gang," where Sheck Wes takes the lead, but it's Don Toliver who's driving the car.
While Wes and Scott have become accustomed to the fame, Don Toliver and Luxury Tax 50 still have something to prove. That opportunity is cut short for Luxury Tax 50, whose only verse appears on "Gang Gang," but allows Toliver to show and prove. He holds his own on "Had Enough," alongside Quavo and Offset of Migos (in comparison to Scott, who's overshadowed by Pop Smoke and Young Thug on his contributions) and carries "What to Do" through from start to finish.
Where JACKBOYS may have lacked, guests, and more specifically Don Toliver, picked it up. With so many loose threads, JACKBOYS isn't the compilation album one would hope for — instead, it seems rushed and put together to make a year-end release.
(Cactus Jack / Epic)

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