​Travis Barker Is Selling Clothes Stained with His Own Blood

Here's your chance to clone one of the best living drummers

BY Alex HudsonPublished Dec 14, 2023

Travis Barker is known for beating the shit out of his drums, to the extent he sometimes gives himself gory hand injuries. Now, having spent 2023 touring with blink-182's reunited lineup, he's capping off the year in a strange way: by selling some of his blood-stained clothes and drum equipment.

Barker is selling 12 items as part of his Trophy Collection — and five of these items are stained with the drummer's blood. This includes bloody drumsticks ($1,500 USD), blood-stained drum heads ($1,500–$2,000 USD), and two clothing items: bloody Vans shoes ($4,000 USD) and bloody Dickies pants ($8,000 USD). All of the items were used or worn during blink-182's 2023 tour.

As of this writing, most of the items are already sold out, although the pants are still available. Honestly, $8,000 sounds like a pretty reasonable price to clone one of the best living drummers. 

Each of the items is authenticated, signed by Barker, and comes framed in a case. There's also a serialized aluminum plaque and a certificate of authenticity, also signed by Barker. Part of the proceeds go to the charity Lost but Not Forgotten.

Check out the sale here. Meanwhile, blink-182 have extended their tour into 2024, so Barker is bound to bloody up some more clothes soon.

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