Toronto's Praises Details 'EP4'

Watch a new video for "A World on Fire"

BY Allie GregoryPublished Jun 22, 2021

Toronto's Jesse Crowe — a.k.a. Praises — has just announced plans for a new batch of tunes arriving through Hand Drawn Dracula on August 5. The four-track effort is titled EP4, and today, you can get your first glimpse of what's to come with a new song titled "A World on Fire."

Accompanied by its own Jordan Allen-directed video, Crowe's hope for the Short Bloom-assisted track is "to embody the momentum of social justice built in chaos of 2020."

"The feeling of the world burning around you and lighting a torch off the simmering embers," Crowe elaborated in a statement. "Jordan Allen perfectly distorts the visuals to make one feel both trapped, uneasy and empowered."

The record itself features contributions from members of Chandra, Sauna, Blonde Elvis, For Jane and Beliefs, and was mixed by Crowe's musical partner Josh Korody of Beliefs and Breeze.

Watch the video for "A World on Fire" below, where you can also find the EP's tracklisting.


1. Apples for My Love
2. We Let Go
3. Soil
4. A World on Fire

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