Torn Within Allied With Bitterness

Featuring two of the players from Quebec’s tech-death machine Neuraxis, Torn Within certainly have talent within their ranks. But don’t expect any of the violent pummelling Neuraxis so wonderfully dish out, instead Torn Within goes the melodic death route, taking the Gothenburg sound (right, like we haven’t heard enough of that yet) and mixing it up with some Carcass riffs (Heartwork-era, that is), creating a monster that sounds like… Kreator? Chalk it up to the scratchy vocals, speedy beats, and melodic yet heavy riffs, I guess. The guitar work really drives this album, proving this guy to be nothing short of a full-time riff machine. The aforementioned scratchy vocals also help give it an edge too. Good solid stuff all around, but there’s definitely a feeling that there’s nothing new to be found here; depending on your stance on that sort of thing, couple this with the new Arsis and you’ll either be in heaven or you’ll be left wondering why bands are still doing this stuff, good as they may be. Me, I’ll take it: this is tasteful, enjoyable and quality metal. Highlight: that riff at the four-minute point of "Dread and Memory.” Lowlight: could have done without the four bonus demo tracks, but so be it. (Galy)