Todd Terje

Festival Santa Teresa, Sainte-Thérèse QC, May 19

Photo: Nadia Davoli

BY Matt BobkinPublished May 20, 2018

Norwegian disco producer Todd Terje gave the Festival Santa Teresa crowd a glimpse into his influences and inspirations with his lengthy DJ set. A continuous mix of nu- and Italo disco with plenty of gospel samples, Terje made it easy for folks to drop in and out of the club at no musical cost, a testament to his consistency and commitment to stylistic cohesion.
Classic disco tracks like Melody Stewart's "You Don't Know What You're Missing Tonight" and Doctor's Cat's "Feel the Drive" were notable highlights, but the set was also interesting for Terje's newer faves, offering brief glimpses of inspirations for his long-awaited sophomore album. Karizma's "Work It Out," which glides a gospel vocal hook over house production, fit in seamlessly, as did "Elouiza" by fellow nu-disco purveyors the Swiss.
As his set stretched into the wee hours of the morning, it was obvious that Terje's well of idiosyncratic grooves runs deep, for a sound that unmistakably carried his trademark lounge production. The set dissected the layers of Terje's sonic quirks, woven together in a way that sheds new light on his inspirational process.

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