'ELEMENTS Vol. 1' Cements TOBi's Status as a Burgeoning Global Superstar

BY A. HarmonyPublished Oct 21, 2020

Though his image boasts an unflappable cool, Brampton crooner TOBi proves to be a sprightly performer on ELEMENTS Vol. 1, slinking effortlessly between jazz, afropop, hip-hop and R&B with pithy rhymes and sincere, gravelly vocals. The album's soundscape is vast and varied thanks to a solid team of producers and the songster devours every beat he's given with surgical precision.

TOBi showcases both versatility and agility throughout the album, but these traits are especially potent on tracks like "Dollas and Cents," the smooth but lively lead single (produced by Hackney beatmaker Juls). On "Conquest," TOBi uses his gruff voice to play the part of a tortured lover, injecting a certain pain over laidback hip-hop production from Alex Goose. He employs a charming softness on "Faces", joining forces with Sango and Wax Roof to create a sure-fire standout. And TOBi's nimble delivery pairs perfectly with LOONY's lush harmonies on velvety duet "Silhouette."

Though it needed no further confirmation, ELEMENTS cements TOBi's status as a burgeoning global superstar. There's lots to like on this project.

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