TOBi Still

TOBi Still
Born Oluwatobi Feyisara Ajibolade, the Lagos-bred, Brampton, ON-raised artist known as TOBi is a study of modern music making. The artist credits a love of hip-hop and R&B and it shows.
Alternatively labelled a singer, a rapper or a singer-rapper, what matters is that his musical approach ignores genre, but lands nicely in the realm of soul. The 13-track Still is eclectic, electric and infused with his natural charisma and energy. "I'm bigger and better now," he says with the reflective "Growth," and "Locked In" riffs on life goals, obstacles and untapped potential.
Single "City Blues" is a curious mix of Lamar, .Paak and soul sensibility; the slow pace "Feel" meanders a bit before finding its way; and "Caged Bird Sings" showcases cinematic swagger on a chill rap cadence.
There's a lot to like with the charismatic imperfection that is Still; TOBi is poised for higher heights and is content to navigate soul and rap's shifting parameters until he gets there. (Independent)