Tink Adelaide Hall, Toronto ON, June 17

Tink Adelaide Hall, Toronto ON, June 17
Photo: Kevin Jones
By the time Tink hit the stage, her DJ — sporting a white "Think Tink" T-shirt — had already warmed up the crowd by spinning tracks from Chedda the Connect, Fetty Wap and Drake's IYRTITL. The Chicago MC continued to keep the energy levels high, bounding on stage with a smiley face shirt that somehow combined flags from the U.S., Japan and the UK.
With a similarly eclectic approach, Tink assured the audience in attendance that she is worthy of the attention being paid to her via her Timbaland association and Lauryn Hill comparisons. She showed off her nimble rhymes on tracks like the statement of intent "Around the Clock," and proved her singing voice is excellent when she dropped the beat for her Jeremih collaboration "Don't Tell Nobody" and the '90s R&B-indebted "Treat Me Like Somebody" (despite the presence of backing vocal tracks). The Aaliyah-sampling "Million," meanwhile, was an almost seamless synthesis of rapping and singing that we will probably see more of on her upcoming album.
It was also good to hear the Future Brown collaboration "Wanna Party" fitting right into the buoyancy of her set, which triumphantly closed with the Timbaland-produced, Biggie-influenced "Ratchet Commandments."