Hear Nickelback's "Photograph" Reimagined as a Pop Punk Song

Punk goes... Kroeger?
Hear Nickelback's 'Photograph' Reimagined as a Pop Punk Song
Every time you look at this photograph, do you wonder if you could add some pizza, khaki shorts and general distaste for your hometown?

Musician Alex Melton has officially gone there, releasing a cover of Nickelback's beloved classic musical meme "Photograph" that reimagines the 2005 hit as a pop punk anthem.

The Florence, SC-based artist's whole shtick is rearranging your favourite songs with the hallmarks of a different genre — and he's wracked up over 220K subscribers on his YouTube channel by doing so.

Melton's other popular uploads let us discover what Third Eye Blind's "Semi-Charmed Life" and "One Week" by the Barenaked Ladies would sound like if they were written by Blink-182, alongside a pop punk version of "Love Story" by Taylor Swift and a countrified cover of Panic! at the Disco's "I Write Sins Not Tragedies."

Listen to a version of "Photograph" primed for Warped Tour (R.I.P.) below.

The Canadian rockers were recently sued for copyright infringement over "Rockstar," and it was revealed that bassist Mike Kroeger is quite the literary buff.