R.I.P. the Chameleons' John Lever

R.I.P. the Chameleons' John Lever
John Lever, drummer of the highly influential Manchester post-punk band the Chameleons, has passed away. Lever was a member of the Chameleons for nearly all of the band's lengthy career. He was also a member of the Sun and the Moon with his Chameleons cohort Mark Burgess.

While details are scarce, Burgess announced Lever's passing in a post on Facebook. Apparently, he died earlier today (March 13) following a "short period of illness."

Lever joined the Chameleons in 1981 following the departure of their original drummer Brian Schofield shortly after their inception. From there, he performed in the band until they broke up in 1987. He was also involved in the Chameleons reunion from 2000 to 2003.

Most recently, he worked with Chameleons bassist Dave Fielding in the Red-Sided Garter Snakes.

Read Burgess's tribute to Lever below.