The Acorn

Supercrawl, Hamilton ON, September 9

Photo: Atsuko Kobasigawa

BY Ava MuirPublished Sep 10, 2017

Ottawa's the Acorn provided Saturday afternoon (September 9) Supercrawl attendees with, as frontman Rolf Klausener described it, a "smorgasbord" of the quartet's discography. Spanning nearly 15 years as a group and having recently celebrated the 10th anniversary of Glory Hope Mountain with a special edition release, the Acorn had plenty of melodious tracks to delve into.
Frequently engaging with the audience between songs, Klausener appeared affable and assured — priding the band on their broad catalogue and joking that "if millennials can feel good about themselves, so can [I]." He proved their songs had deeper meaning, like when he introduced one taken from Glory Hope Mountain as being influenced by the communication between him and his Honduran-born mother. Klausener's playful dialogue proved especially refreshing, since the band lacked any memorable stage presence while performing.
The Acorn create mellow music that is easily accessible for a crowd as diverse as Supercrawl's. Unfortunately, there's a flatness to their sound that made it difficult for them to stand out as more than merely background noise.

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