The Acorn

"In Silence (enantiomers)" (video)

BY Sarah MurphyPublished Nov 27, 2015

Ottawa's the Acorn returned with Vieux Loup earlier this year, and they're showing off an album cut called "In Silence" with a brand new video. Exclaim! has got the exclusive premiere.
Lead singer-songwriter Rolf Klausener describes the song as "the conversations we have with ourselves when we're transition from one part of our lives to the next." It's subtitled "enantiomers" — referring to molecules that are mirror images of each other, but have different properties — and the scientific concept fascinated Klausener. "I dug it a lot," he says. "To me, that sounded like how people can change over time, keeping relatively static on the outside, but mutating radically on the inside."
As for the new video, it was filmed guerrilla style at a recent Halloween party. "Video artists ExGirlfriends asked us if we wanted to get hammed and do a guerrilla shoot at Ottawa's Babylon Nightclub on Halloween," he explains. "I think we've all lived through that little paradox: wrapped up in the silence of hard thoughts or big decisions, simultaneously comforted by hundreds of wasted strangers screaming 'Shake it off,' and giving each other tongue baths. Yup."
The Acorn play the Drake Hotel in Toronto tonight (November 27) with Evening Hymns. Before you catch them live, check out the video for "In Silence" in the player below.

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