Terri Clark

Roots and Wings

BY Randi BeersPublished Jul 26, 2011

Like a moth to a flame, country musicians tend to gravitate towards cheesy metaphors and wordplay. Terri Clark proves her place amongst this ilk with her latest release, Roots and Wings. The album starts with a bad-girl-to-wrecking ball metaphor followed directly with the tongue-in-cheek proclamation: "You've got this breaking up thing down." Unsurprisingly, there's a fair amount of schlock on the rest of the album, including a an ode to being a northern girl in "Northern Girl" and a cheesy ballad that could've been written by an eight-year-old, in which Clark requests "fireworks to paint the sky" and a "kiss to burn [her] lips." Got it. Roots and Wings' one notable highlight that (almost) makes the cliché-driven tracks forgivable is her rendition of Trooper's Canadian classic, "We're Here for a Good Time." Terri Clark may not be the most brilliant or creative singer songwriter out there, but at least she has some musical taste.

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