Tegan and Sara Dive into the Past on the Exclaim! Podcast

Tegan and Sara Quin looks back for the future and discusses the new album 'Hey, I'm Just Like You' and memoir 'High School'
Tegan and Sara Dive into the Past on the Exclaim! Podcast
Photo: Trevor Brady
For the latest episode of the Exclaim! Podcast, Tegan and Sara look back by digging into their teenage archives and re-recording new versions of some of their earliest songs.

The episode features both halves of the celebrated sister duo in conversation with Exclaim! Country, Folk and Blues Assistant Editor Laura Stanley. Sitting down with host Vish Khanna, Laura discusses Tegan and Sara's new album Hey, I'm Just Like You and memoir High School, and why these seasoned songwriters chose this moment in their careers to dig into their past. The interview touches on the sisters' teenage experiences with drugs, coming to terms with their sexuality, and the way our society underestimates young women.

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