Tasha the Amazon "Scallywags" (ft. Cola of Wifetaker)

Tasha the Amazon 'Scallywags' (ft. Cola of Wifetaker)
This is probably the first time anyone has ever looked tough while dancing in a panda costume in a laundromat, but that's exactly what we get with the new music video for Tasha the Amazon's "Scallywags."

According to a press release, this Toronto rapper's "unconventional lyrics deal as much with partying, drugs, and hood mischief as they do with anarchy and civil disobedience." It's only fitting, then, that this bass-heavy hip-hop cut is accompanied by a video that shows Tasha and her crew downing shots, rolling joints, eating greasy-looking food, and otherwise having a good time. It also features Cola of Wifetaker.

Expect Tasha the Amazon to release the mixtape FiDiYootDem later this year.