​Tanya Tagaq Announces 'Split Tooth' Book

BY Sarah MurphyPublished May 3, 2018

Polaris Music Prize-winning throat singer Tanya Tagaq has revealed plans for an upcoming book titled Split Tooth.
The book moves between "fiction and memoir, myth and reality, and poetry and prose," bringing to life the story of a girl who grows up in Nunavut in the 1970s.
It touches on spirituality, the power of nature and the animal world, as well as the tedium of everyday life — ranging from the joys of friendship and familial love to the darkness of violence and alcohol.
When the protagonist becomes pregnant, she must navigate the realities of her gritty arctic hometown, though she never loses touch with the "electrifying proximity of the world of animals" and the "ravishing world of myth."
It's due out on September 25 via Penguin Canada, and will be available to pre-order as of tomorrow (May 4).

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