Swim Good "Upgrade" (video)

Swim Good 'Upgrade' (video)
Ahead of the release of Ontario songwriter Jon Lawless's new EP as Swim Good, the songwriter has unveiled a squeaky-clean preview called "Upgrade." A laundromat-set video clip is available for you to test the waters now.

Swim Good's new single flirts with electro-organic arrangements, pitting a pumped-up house beat against the tender plucks of an acoustic guitar. The video, meanwhile, showcases one woman's late-night hang-out with some washing machines, with the lady inspecting spin cycles and apparently contemplating what one's life would be like tumble-dried.

Wish the gal good Tide-ings and give the video a peep down below courtesy of Stereogum.

As previously reported, Swim Good's new, as-yet-undetailed EP can be ordered through Kickstarter. The crowdsourcing campaign ends tomorrow (May 1), and is currently less than a hundred dollars off of its $1,000 goal.

Swim Good - "Upgrade" from stereogum on Vimeo.