13 Years of Celtic Wartunes

BY Laura Wiebe TaylorPublished Sep 26, 2008

The main feature of Suidakra’s new DVD/CD offering is a full set filmed at Wacken, a treat for fans who yearn to see the band live, but no particular draw for anyone else. Aside from the onstage bagpiper and the disorienting approach of a German folk metal band appropriating British and Celtic mythology, Suidakra’s performance follows a basic two-vocalist rock formula. The bagpipes soon begin to grate but otherwise the footage isn’t outstandingly good or bad. An additional acoustic concert demonstrates a better integration of folk and heavy rock, and there’s extra entertainment (to a degree) in two official video clips and some friend and fan interviews. While the video focuses on the live performance, the CD looks back over Suidakra’s career with a few re-recordings alongside remastered versions of several "best of” tracks.

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