Stormtroopers of Death

20 Years of Dysfunction

BY Greg PrattPublished Jul 1, 2005

Hard to believe Megaforce is still a label, but here you have it, their latest, a DVD from legendary NYC hardcore/metal crossover kings Stormtroopers of Death. This DVD contains tons of live footage, all of which is of the hand-held, bootleg variety. They're great live, but unfortunately there's no classic footage here. And the band's second album is quite ignored, which is okay but weird. As a cool bonus, this package also includes a bonus CD with the 1985 Pussywhipped bootleg, with the band finally reclaiming a piece of history as they "bootleg the bootleggers." If nothing else this entertaining DVD proves once and for all that although singer Billy Milano is a doorknob he's a friendly and quite likeable guy. (Megaforce,

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