Stick to Your Guns

True View

BY Connor AtkinsonPublished Oct 11, 2017

According to Stick to Your Guns vocalist Jesse Barnett, the band's latest full-length, True View, was inspired by "innumerable conversations I had with my mother during the hardest years of my life."

The record is inviting and forthcoming, evident from the exciting introductory track "Three Feet from Peace." Featuring a voicemail from Barnett's mom, the song highlights what Stick to Your Guns do best: honest lyricism, catchy, punk-driven melodies and an accessible approach to West coast hardcore.
While Barnett's open-book method of lyrical vulnerability benefits the group's performance on "Doomed By You," his style of delivery sometimes feels insincere and cheesy (see "Owed Nothing" and "You Are Free"). This level of introspection might have been more digestible in his post-punk side project Trade Wind, but it doesn't quite work all the time here.
Nonetheless, Stick to Your Guns have given their audience a great set of tracks. "56" finds the band channelling radio rock like naturals, while "Cave Canem" sounds like the lovechild of Terror and Ignite's greatest hits. The True View of Stick to Your Guns is a pretty nice sight to see.
(Pure Noise Records)

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