Steven Yeun Shares Full Version of 'BEEF' Incubus Cover

Listen to the actor's rendition of "Drive" for the Netflix series

Photo courtesy of Netflix

BY Allie GregoryPublished Jun 13, 2023

Netflix's BEEF maybe have been all high-octane revenge, poor anger management skills and piss, but something surprisingly tender came out of the acclaimed series: its elder millennial bop-drenched soundtrack.

Early in the series, viewers are gifted with a cheesy (but heartwarming) rework of Incubus's "Drive" (from 1999's Make Yourself) performed by co-lead actor Steven Yeun, and now, the full version has been released alongside an EP of bonus tracks from the show courtesy of A24 Music.

Played during Episode 3, "I Am Inhabited by a Cry," Yeun's character Danny performs the song at church after reconnecting with his ex-girlfriend.

Series creator Lee Sung Jin told the Los Angeles Times that he and Yeun decided to include the cover after bonding over a shared experience of performing secular music at church: "I'd say, 'Oh, did you hang out after church with a Taylor 7-series guitar and try to sing secular songs?'" Lee said. "And he'd be like, 'Yes, I did that.' 'Did you sing Incubus at all?' 'Oh, my God.' Next thing you know, we have to put Incubus' 'Drive' in the show, because he and I used to sing that after church."

Check out the cover below, where you can also stream the new EP of bonus tracks.

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