Steven Bradley Takes a Trip to Historical Burnaby in "Capitol Hill" Video

The song comes from the debut album 'Summer Bliss and Autumn Tears' by BC's Steve Kravac
Steven Bradley Takes a Trip to Historical Burnaby in 'Capitol Hill' Video
BC native Steven Bradley — otherwise known as Steve Kravac, the prolific Canadian producer who's worked with everyone from MxPx to Blink-182 to Less Than Jake — has shared a video from his new solo project. 

The single, titled "Capitol Hill," is one of 11 tracks included in his forthcoming debut album Summer Bliss and Autumn Tears, which is due this Friday (November 22) via Porterhouse Records.

The video for "Capitol Hill" was assembled using archival footage of Burnaby, BC — Kravac's hometown. 

Here's what he had to say about it:

The song "Capitol Hill" is centred in the place I grew up, around the suburbs of Burnaby and East Vancouver, British Columbia. I used a combination of footage shot in the field, archival imagery and living room green screen to create the video.

All the still images you see in the video appear courtesy of the City of Burnaby Archives Department. Their staff helped facilitate the usage of these historical photos and allow you to see life as it existed when I was a child on those streets and in those neighbourhoods.

As for the Steven Bradley record, Kravac assembled a crew of industry heavyweights to help round off his solo debut. This includes Jonny Wickersham of Social Distortion, Wayne Kramer of MC5, Mike Herrera and the rest of MxPx. Kevin Kane of the Grapes of Wrath, Greg Leisz, Steven McDonald of Redd Kross, Lou Dawson and Danny McGough.

You can watch Steven Bradley's new video for "Capitol Hill" below, where you'll also find the album's tracklisting. Or you can hear ​Summer Bliss and Autumn Tears in full by heading over to Porterhouse Records' website.

Summer Bliss and Autumn Tears:

1. Love Tumbles Into Obsession
2. You Walk By
3. Pre-Emptive Strike
4. Capitol Hill
5. Can't Come Home
6. Calendar Girl
7. Summer Bliss and Autumn Tears
8. I Will Too
9. Loose Ends
10. Hiding Place
11. The Bargain