Steve Lacy Steve Lacy's Demo

Steve Lacy Steve Lacy's Demo
As promised, the members of the Internet have halted their collaborative main project to pursue their own creative avenues. Now, the youngest band member, guitarist and vocalist Steve Lacy, has released his own solo statement, entitled Steve Lacy's Demo.
Similar to his bandmates Syd (who released Fin) and Matt Martians (who released The Drum Chord Theory), Steve Lacy's Demo is a clean break from the Internet's distinct sound. The musician's debut achieves a specular level of grooviness on songs like "Some" and "Ryd," which have notable riffs throughout.
At first blush the release seems about love, but it's not the stereotypical kind; it's the awkward kind. Demo feels like sweaty palms, voice cracks, stolen glances and burning cheeks. It captures what it feels like to be young and in love. "Dark Red," a standout, vocalizes the anxiety that many feel at the onset of a relationship, as Lacy states he feels "something bad coming," as if the idea of a breakup or being rejected is crippling. As he strains his voice upwards, the fragility of his coos reflect the deep meaning of his lyrics.
As he matures, it will be great to see Lacy tackle love from a different angle, but for now, this Demo is plenty compelling. (Independent)